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Welcome To Fistwar -- Game Version 6108 -- 3D Maps -- Jiang Hu !

Fistwar Online is an online MMORPG game. Play against others to get fun and best rewards.

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Information About Game

Random cps drop of 500 and 1000 random drop in VIP Player.

1- Our Game Patch Version 6108.
2- EU based host.
3- X50 experience for leveling up.
4- Our Game Working Since 2013 and we are working on update the game to be the top level of quality
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Server features

1. Max level 140 , and 145 for VIP players.
2. Assassin full Skills.
3. New Lottery Full system.
4. New Change name full.
5. Arena Qualifier full system
6. SubClasses
7. Pure Skills
8. New Ninja Skills
8. New Warrior Skills
9. All Boss full skill such Conquer
10. Achievement System
11. Chi System Fixed
12. Auto invite Time Full system
13. Highest plus to gears = +12
14. Guild Fixed full system and give BattlePower full and challenge
15. Clan Give BattlePower full system and challenge
16. Flower System Full and challenge
17. Events (All Wars full and Quests)
18. And much more.. Come join to see